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Welcome to Playground Studios, where the dynamic world of Reformer Pilates comes to life through our fun and diverse range of classes. 

Sarah has designed unique sessions that not only deliver exceptional health benefits but also keep you engaged and excited about your fitness journey. 

Reformer Pilates is renowned for its ability to sculpt and strengthen the body, improve flexibility, and enhance core stability – all while promoting proper posture and alignment. 

At Playground Studios, our distinct class offerings cater to various fitness levels and personal goals, ensuring a challenging and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

With our vibrant, inclusive atmosphere and innovative approach, we've reimagined the traditional Reformer Pilates experience, making Playground Studios the go-to destination for those seeking an extraordinary workout that truly stands out.



Rise and shine with Awaken, our early morning Reformer class designed to invigorate your body and mind! Start your day with gentle stretches and smooth moves that awaken dormant muscles, boost circulation, and fine-tune your focus. Energise your body and clear your mind, setting the stage for a productive, feel-good day. Embrace the morning sun, and let your body come alive with Awaken! Light refreshments provided.


Elevate your Pilates practice with our Intermediate Reformer class, designed for those who have mastered the basics. Experience a dynamic workout that incorporates advanced movements and sequences, targeting specific muscle groups to enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination. You will be guided through flowing exercises on the reformer, refining your technique and deepening your mind-body connection. Expect increased core strength, improved posture, flexibility, and a cardiovascular boost. Join us to take your Pilates journey to new heights and unlock your full potential!


Get ready to elevate your fitness journey with "Bounce" – a dynamic and exhilarating reform Pilates class that transforms traditional workouts into a thrilling and joy-filled experience! Combining the high-flying action of a jump board with the heart-pumping excitement of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this class is designed to make you burn fat, boost your fitness levels, and leave you with a smile on your face. With every jump, you'll feel the rush of endorphins as you bounce your way to a stronger core, toned muscles, and improved stability. Get ready to have a blast, sweat it out, and unleash your inner superstar with Bounce – where fun meets fitness in the most exciting way possible!


Unleash your inner strength in our Beginner's Reformer Class! Experience the magic of Pilates with a dynamic, low-impact workout that sculpts muscles, improves flexibility, and boosts your energy. No experience? No problem! You will be guided through each move, ensuring a fun, safe, and invigorating journey to a stronger you. Step on the reformer and transform! we recommend you do at least 3 beginner classes before participating the Intermediate Reformer Class.


Take your Pilates practice to the next level with our Advanced Reformer Pilates Class. Experience the power of reformer Pilates at an advanced level. Designed for experienced practitioners, this class goes beyond the basics, incorporating challenging exercises that enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall body control. In this class you will be provided with individual attention, guiding you through precise movements and modifications tailored to your abilities. Elevate your fitness journey and unlock new levels of mastery. Join us and embrace the transformative benefits of advanced reformer Pilates.